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9 Facts About Key Tower You Probably Didn’t Know!

Key Tower has been the heart of Downtown Cleveland since its opening in 1991. It was designed by architect Cesar Pelli and is the tallest building in the state of Ohio. Standing tall at 57 stories, 947 feet to the top of its spire, Key Tower is the 34th-tallest building in the United States.

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Here are Nine Facts you Probably Didn’t Know About Key Tower!

  1. The Tower was in the 1996 film “Rainmaker” by John Grisham starring Matt Damon, Claire Danes, and Danny Glover.
  2.  Some other movies you can spot the Tower in are the 2004 “OH in OHIO”, Paramount Pictures 2002 “Against the Ropes”, and HBO 2000 “Proximity”.
  3. It was originally built as The Society Center and was the headquarters for Cleveland based Society Corporation.
  4. The Tower’s opening ended Terminal Tower’s 60-year streak of being Ohio’s tallest building.
  5. The Tower was renamed after Society merged with KeyCorp and took the KeyCorp name.
  6. Have you noticed the large red keys at the top of the tower? Each illuminated KeyBank logo at the base of the Tower’s crown weighs 1,500 pounds!
  7. You can see the Tower from up to 20 miles away.
  8. The Tower contains 1.5 million square feet of office space. Looking to move your business to Key Tower? For leasing information please contact JLL here.
  9. Key Tower is the tallest building in the Mid-West United States between Philly and Chicago, Illinois.

The Tower remains a landmark in Cleveland, Ohio and we are so proud to share this awesome building with so many great tenants. Do you have a fun fact about Key Tower? We would love to hear it, please share it with us on twitter!

Featured Image Photo Credit: @jonrudder

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