Building Strong Company Culture

Building Strong Company Culture

Building a strong culture is an emerging topic among employers. With changing employee needs, company culture is more important than ever before for attracting and retaining employees. So, how can you build a strong company culture? We will walk you through the ways company culture impacts your business and steps you can take to build a stronger, more positive culture that ties into your organization’s purpose.  


Why Positive Company Culture is Important

A strong company culture can positively impact your business in numerous ways. Once you have the foundation built, company culture can be a great way to attract top talent. Positive culture builds a good reputation, making candidates more likely to take interest in your company. In addition, a strong culture improves employee job satisfaction. With a higher level of satisfaction, employees will be less likely to search for another opportunity, lowering the rate of turnover within the company. 


Happy employees are also more hardworking. A study from Denison shows that companies with winning organizational culture have a 72% higher employee engagement rate. Higher engagement is linked to increased profitability. When employees are connected to their company and its goals they have more motivation to perform at a higher level. 


Building The Foundation

The first place to start when building a company culture is creating a strong vision and goals. Evaluate your current culture and identify what is positively impacting your company and what may be hindering employee satisfaction. From there, identify ways to provide greater meaning and purpose to your employees. This includes creating clear company goals that employees can work towards. Last, choose incentives that help connect your employees to your organization and their coworkers, as well as promote well-being. Take a look at some of our incentive recommendations that will help you achieve a stronger company culture. 


Corporate Wellness

According to a recent SHRM study, 58 percent of employers offer wellness programs, and for good reason. Corporate wellness programs provide a healthier, more productive work environment. Supporting healthy habits in your employees helps potentially reduce their health risks and health care costs long term. In return, as an employer you will have more engaged, energized employees. Making a wellness program that is accessible is key to its success. Ascend Fitness & Spa in Key Tower is a great example of an easily accessible wellness incentive. Located within a short walk of all of the offices in Key Tower,  Ascend offers a variety of wellness resources that provide a well-rounded experience. From personal training to group fitness classes and 24/7 hours, employees can engage however is best suited for them. Ascend’s corporate wellness packages make it easier and more economical for employers to take advantage of their resources. Connecting with a local gym or wellness facility on corporate wellness options is a great first step to establishing a program for your organization. 


Employee Well-Being

Another great way to boost morale and build a stronger culture is by offering a flexible work environment that allows employees to refresh throughout the day. This can start with something as small as reconfiguring your office set up to offer areas for breaks and social opportunity, or on a larger scale, this can be adding new amenities to your office space. Offices in Key Tower, for example, have access to a variety of amenities, including restaurants like Greatroom & Bar, Marble Room Sushi and Il Venetian, Coffee at Savour Coffee and Creations, outdoors spaces, and even Armando’s Barbershop. Having these amenities in the building allows employees to better utilize their breaks to partake in something they enjoy. This helps engage employees in the environment around them and ultimately feel more productive throughout the day. 


Team Building Opportunities

We have discussed building company culture on an individual employee basis, but having strong collaboration and communication between team members is a crucial part of a positive culture. Providing social opportunities outside of work is a great way to help employees form better relationships and improve team efficiency. These events can be solely social, or you can tie them to a meaningful cause to further connect your employees to your business’s purpose. For example, each summer Key Tower hosts an Ice Cream Social to benefit the United Way of Cleveland. Employees inside the Tower have the opportunity to step away from their work to socialize with one another while giving back to the community. It is important to find a cause that aligns with your business and resonates with your employees. In the end, employees will feel both better connected to their team members and that their role at the company serves a larger purpose. 

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Building Strong Company Culture

Building a strong culture is an emerging topic among employers. With changing employee needs, company culture is more important than ever before for attracting and retaining employees.

Recruiting Top Talent

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