Office Environment Benefits

Office Environment Benefits

At the beginning of the pandemic many companies had no choice but to work from home. Now, as things open up, many employers are determining their next steps. While several companies have found through this pandemic that it is possible to work from home, it may not be the most beneficial for their employees in the long run. Understanding the value the office space provides can help to create a more successful working environment for all. 

Promoting Company Culture

Promoting company culture in a remote work environment is way more difficult than in-office environments. According to a study from JLL, extended periods of remote work has led many employees to feel disconnected from their workplace community. When employees are all working in one place it is much easier to foster connections, promote professional and personal development, and help your employees feel more engaged in the workplace overall. By creating a stronger company culture, you are creating a team that works more efficiently together and individuals who find more purpose in their day-to-day tasks. 

Improving Work-Life Balance

Working from home can make it harder for employees to mentally “log off” at the end of the day. Their time working and time away from work can blend together when they remain at home, making it more difficult to manage work-life balance. Working in an office helps to clearly define when an individual is working and when they are not. Employees physically leave work at the end of the day allowing them to better use and enjoy their time away from work. Not only does this allow employees to refresh and improve their well-being, but it also helps them be more efficient during their time at work. 

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Creating a Quality Work Space

Having a quality space to work is key for productivity. When employees are working remotely there is no way to ensure that their environment is conducive to getting work done. Employees are responsible for making their own arrangements for an office space and instilling a sense of focus in themselves. This can become increasingly difficult when there are interruptions or distractions coming from home responsibilities. The office can help relieve them of these distractions. The office provides employees with all of the tools they need to successfully complete their work. Along with that, there are more natural flows of interaction and quiet working time that can help maintain productivity throughout the day.

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Building Relationships

In the work from home environment, employees are only interacting with the individuals that they directly work with. This eliminates the opportunity for employees to expand their network and gain insight and ideas from individuals working in other areas. According to JLL, one third of employees are dissatisfied with colleague interactions while working from home. By bringing employees back together it creates more opportunities for collaboration and innovation in both a formal and informal setting. Not only will verbal and non-verbal communication in meetings be more effective in-office, but also employees will interact with people that they may not normally interact with from home just by passing them in the office. This togetherness can help create new ideas and build relationships that employees find valuable in their professional life. 

Optimizing Your Office for Maximum Benefit

In order to maximize the benefits of working in-office, it is important to create a space that prioritizes these employee needs. This is all about creating opportunities for connection and flexibility. “The post-pandemic workplace will be people-centric. It will make work easier through facilitating employees’ rhythms of energy. It will have to be designed with empathy and will be co-created with employees through understanding their perspectives, how they work and what they need to thrive,” says Chris Diming, Applied Anthropologist in a JLL article. 

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When developing your space you should consider how to create natural flows of collaboration and individual work. Offering a variety of spaces that serve different purposes is key to making this happen. This allows your team to come together once again in a purposeful and fulfilling way.

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Building Strong Company Culture

Building a strong culture is an emerging topic among employers. With changing employee needs, company culture is more important than ever before for attracting and retaining employees.

Recruiting Top Talent

The pandemic has shifted what employees are seeking from their employers. In order to recruit top talent to your organization, it is important to understand what candidates are looking for and adapt your recruiting to showcase your company in a meaningful way. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to prepare for the hiring process and make your organization stand out from the crowd.

Challenges with Remote Working

It is common to face challenges in the workplace from time to time, whether that is working on a tight deadline or finding a new way to approach a problem. When the physical workspace is removed from the equation, the current challenges remain and a new, unique set of challenges arise. These obstacles not only affect productivity, but also employee well-being in the long term. Understanding the challenges of remote work can help you identify how to create a return to office plan that will resolve the problems employees are facing.


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