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3 Ways You Can Gear Up for the Workspace of the Future

Do you come to work to engage with an Alexa speaker or chatbot all day? Or do you enjoy your morning coffee with your coworkers?

Research has shown that the more we get sucked into the digital world, the more we crave human connection. The workplace of the future isn’t just about AI and new technology. It’s about creating experiences that allow employees to connect to each other.

So what can your organization do to gear up for this workplace of the future? Here’s what we recommend.

1) Put your people first

First, you can build a strong community and people-centric focus within your organizations. Give employees ample choice and flexibility over where and how they want to work. This approach enables you to attract and retain top talent. It could be achieved via various means, such as fitting offices with a variety of workspaces. You can also invest in facilities, the best technology and a range of nonfinancial perks, such as a cafe, gym and recreation spaces.

You can also incorporate community into workplaces by introducing “plug and play” areas and public bike racks. Additionally, employers can organize community and art activities for employees such as walking tours around the local areas.

2) Implement flexible physical arrangements

Flexibility is paramount when planning the physical workplace of the future. In recent years, new trends show companies decentralizing from a single head office to a variety of hubs in key locations. For instance, American home rental companies Airbnb and HomeAway both opened up offices in Singapore.

And rather than buying office furniture, look at more modular and cost-effective fit-outs as well as renting. Activity based working (ABW) is one way to increase flexibility. Make workspaces deliberately flexible with multipurpose furniture. Implement tools and surfaces that boost collaborative practice and encourage employees to move around.

3) Leverage technology

Incorporating smart technology for surveillance, monitoring and metering are also becomingly increasingly important. With the rise of AI, more experiments with robotics in the workplace in non threatening ways are emerging. Some companies are using AI for online training or as a receptionist.

This allows employees to focus on bigger ideas as AI manages their smaller tasks. This allows time for connection, time to work on passion projects, and time to collaborate on projects.

Being a successful company is more demanding in the future than it was in the past. However, businesses that follow the ideas outlined here will be ahead of the curve.

Learn more about building the workspace of the future. Read on!

3 Ways to Build the Workspace of the Future

Linking Workplace Design and Business Strategy

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