4 Business-Friendly Cities on the Rise You’ll Want to Work In

While there will always be New York and Los Angeles, we like to keep an eye on the underdogs, the cities on the rise stepping into the spotlight. Here are four cities we’ve noticed that boast a flourishing culture, millennial population, and business environment.


In the past decade, Atlanta has been the fastest growing urban environment in the United States. In 2010, over half of Atlanta’s population officially became non-natives, having moved from out of town.

Why are people moving there?

Atlanta has an accessible airport, great weather, a low cost of living, a reliable transportation system, and a diverse talent pool. It is a magnet for immigrant education and has tourist attractions and multicultural restaurants.

Why are millennials moving there for jobs?

Atlanta has a thriving startup scene, and opportunities in agribusiness, aerospace, film, and energy industries. It is currently the #2 millennial city in the U.S. and Atlanta is actively encouraging millennials to move there to shape their culture.

What are the draws in the business environment?

Atlanta has the 4th most Fortune 500 companies in America. It’s cheaper to start a business there then a lot of other big cities, and the business community is extremely supportive.



Here’s a city that’s growing in huge numbers. In 2017, an estimated 100 people moved into Nashville every day.

Why are people moving there?

Nashville is growing fast – it currently has $4 billion in active building permits. Many people go there for weekend getaways or bachelorette parties and end up falling in love with the city and deciding to stay.

Why are millennials moving there for jobs?

In 2016, Nashville was ranked second in the U.S. for job growth. It’s the “Music City,” with cool restaurants and night life that draws in young talent. Nashville has opportunities in healthcare, education, entertainment, manufacturing, distribution, and technology. It’s affordable and has low unemployment levels.

What are the draws in the business environment?
Nashville has many entrepreneurship centers, accelerator programs, and venture capitalist organizations, making it a draw for startups. Nashville has a new convention center and businesses there are growing so fast that last year, 51 Nashville businesses were on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the country.



We may be biased, but having been in the middle of Cleveland’s past-decade renaissance, we’re confident it deserves a spot on any list of cities on the rise. According to Forbes, Cleveland “reintroduced itself to the world after the 2016 World Series and NBA Championship” as a “rising star.”

Why are people moving there?

Cleveland has great opportunities in biotech, engineering, and advanced manufacturing sectors. It also boasts affordable living in hip, revitalized neighborhoods and quick public transit times in comparison to bigger cities. 

Why are millennials moving there for jobs?

Last year, Cleveland was ranked #8 in the nation for millennials moving in, partly due to big corporations like Progressive, low rent, and the efforts of organizations like the Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA), City Advocates to the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Cleveland (YNPN), and Cleveland Clinic’s Group Of Aspiring Leaders (GOAL).

 What are the business draws?

Cleveland is a prime location for innovative health-tech and high-tech companies. Businesses get easy access to clinicians, researchers, and labs inside world-renowned institutions like the Cleveland Clinic. The city supports entrepreneurs through accelerators, incubators, and access to capital. It’s also a great location in relation to big cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, and Indianapolis, and has an accessible airport, making it easy to schedule business trips at the drop of a hat.



The Raleigh/Durham area is extremely fast-growing, with many revitalized areas. It’s an icon for affordable living in an interesting environment. Over the next decade, the area expects to build 300 new hotel rooms, 2,700 living units, and 2 million square feet of office space.

Why are people moving there?

The area is a big city that’s highly walkable and has received awards like #1 city to drive in, top 10 cities for new grads starting out, and #1 city primed for economic growth in 2018. The cultural shift is apparently as well, with Raleigh/Durham earning a spot on Forbes’ 10 coolest cities to eat in 2018.

Why are millennials moving there for jobs?

The area has been ranked as the #1 city for millennials based on studies showing better chances of getting a good job, good pay to earn a living and save for retirement, and the ability to find personal and social fulfillment. In short, it’s a great place to start after college.

What are the business draws?

It’s affordable to acquire talent there with three universities in a 10-mile radius. The city is growing, but still close enough that it fosters a collaborative environment. It’s great for life science, medical device, and tech companies, especially startups which have low regulatory hurdles.

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