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The Value in Moving Your Offices to Downtown Cleveland

Considering Cleveland for a big company move, but hesitant to make a final decision?

Don’t count Cleveland out! There is immense value in the CLE, especially for businesses. Here are some insights into what Cleveland can do for your company.

With over 100,000 jobs and approaching 20,000 residents, Downtown Cleveland is Ohio’s largest central business district. The city’s welcoming and walkable streets, dynamic waterfronts, and authentic culture attract talent, startups, and growing businesses from around Northeast Ohio and beyond.

When businesses move their offices to Downtown Cleveland, they increase their ability to attract and retain talent. Downtown Cleveland offers the quality of place, authenticity, and engaged community that today’s most highly-skilled workers crave.

Located in the heart of the 16th largest region in the country, with over 3.5 million people, including over 2 million within a 45-minute commute, Downtown Cleveland employers recruit from one of the youngest, most highly skilled workforces in the United States. 

Downtown’s central location and multi-modal transportation options (highways, trains, and buses) give employers a talent attraction and retention advantage by making central business district jobs the most easily accessible to the most highly skilled talent in the region. Downtown Cleveland is also a short two and half hour drive from major sources of talent like The Ohio State University, University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon.

In Cleveland, you’re in close proximity to hundreds of other businesses, and companies are a stone’s throw away from their next sell, partnership, or contract. Being downtown also increases the exposure of developing businesses and provides the opportunity to raise brand awareness and build a culture of creativity and innovation that feeds off the energy and enthusiasm of downtown.

Electronic Merchant Systems is a great example of a business that is taking advantage of the opportunity to move downtown and transform their corporate climate.

In an article published in Crain’s Cleveland Business, Daniel Neistadt, EMS CEO, said the firm is creating the new headquarters office to more closely reflect its corporate culture and believes a downtown location will help it retain and recruit talent. He went further to say that a central location allows EMS employees to “fully experience what Cleveland has to offer.”

Silicon Valley-based Plug & Play and BrightEdge both recently opened Downtown Cleveland locations. They seized an opportunity to capitalize on the Midwestern work ethic and loyalty and Downtown Cleveland’s high quality of life and low costs of doing business and living.

Plug & Play took up residence in the Global Center for Health Innovation in a partnership that includes the Cleveland Clinic to attract medical technology-oriented start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors to Downtown Cleveland.

Want to see that same success? Consider the value Cleveland has to offer your company!

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Special thanks to Downtown Cleveland Alliance for generously supplying the knowledge necessary to write this piece.

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