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Link Roundup: Corporate Relocation Resources

Thinking about taking on a corporate move but overwhelmed by the project? We get it! Moving is a stressful undertaking, especially when you’re operating a large company with a bevy of desktop computers, a collection of artwork, and a crowd of employees who may or may not be excited to change up their daily routine in a new space.

While moving is a big undertaking, the best way to make relocation easier is to be prepared and stay organized during every stage of the process. We scoured the web for resources you can use before, during, and after the big move.

This timeline from North American Moving Services gives you a weekly timeline of everything you need to consider starting six weeks prior to moving your business. See it here.

While these apps are designed with a household move in mind, they can easily be modified or used in the case of a corporate move. These are especially helpful for those who keep track of their lives in their phone calendar or Notes app. You can find a list of apps here. 

There are quite a few corporate moving checklists on the web, but these are two of our favorites. Corporate Moving Service UPack gives a basic checklist organized in the form of a timeline. They allow you to download and print the template for free.

Meanwhile, relocation company Suddath gives the most extensive checklist we could find, with very specific and detailed steps organized by topic rather than timeline.

While the above resources are a checklist for company leadership, the entire facility needs to be on board with the move. This checklist from Corrigan Moving gives tasks that you can easily designate to specific departments or employees to take some of the work off your own plate. 

It’s not every day we switch up locations, so there may be a host of legal jargon with words and phrases you don’t know. This guide from North American Moving Services acts as a glossary, giving basic insight into terms like “bill of lading” and “weight ticket.”

These resources give general tips on keeping the move smooth and organized before, during, and after relocation. See them here and here.

Your employees can be the champions of your move or they can be the adversaries. It’s important to act cautiously and think through all communication, including your moving announcement to employees.

Here’s a template for a sample moving announcement. And here are tips and things to consider when writing your own announcement. 

Here’s a template you can sit down with your accounting department and fill out together so you both have a copy. This table gives you an idea of what it will cost to move, from purchasing packaging supplies to renting a professional moving company.

Before you dive into this project, make sure you have an idea where you’re looking to relocate. We have just the space for you! Learn more about what Cleveland can offer:

The Value in Moving Your Business to Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland’s Regional Focus Gives Businesses a Leg Up

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