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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Office Location

Feeling ready to make the big move from a humble rural location to a bustling metropolis? Overwhelmed by your choices in office space? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Deciding to uproot your company to a new location is a huge decision that requires time and thought.
Here are 10 things you should think about when considering where to move and comparing locations.

1. Is it convenient for employees?

2. Is it convenient for clients?

These two are grouped together at the start of the list because they’re generally the two most important and most necessary factors in moving. If you can check these two boxes off with a “yes,” you’re off to a great start. The goal in moving is not to lose business or talent!

3. Is there room to grow and expand?

This is important. If you’re barely affording your new location, pressing desks too close together and leaving little floor space, you aren’t leaving yourself any room to grow!

4. Is the building space efficient and cost effective?

Remember to check the cost of utilities and double check the amount of business-usable space. Things like bathrooms, elevators, kitchen appliances, etc. take up space you’re paying for but don’t directly contribute to your business. Will that throw
off your cost calculations?

5. Is the area ADA-compliant?

Buildings these days generally are ADA-compliant, but make sure the area outside is as well. Can a disabled employee reasonably take public transportation to work? Is it easy for them to maneuver around the building?

6. Does the location send the right message?

Too extravagant and your clients may wonder if they’re being overcharged to pay for your rent. Too simple and you risk being labelled as a bargain. Make sure your space aligns with your clients’ expectations!

7. What is parking like?

Is it easy for your employees to park and get to work on time? Will you pay for parking costs or will it be their responsibility? Where is the nearest parking lot to the office?

8. What types of amenities are located nearby?

Having cool shops, restaurants, and things to do around the location isn’t necessary, but it’s a big perk and can be the difference in choosing one location over another! After all, if two locations are exactly the same, but one is next to an all-you-can-eat sushi bar, who wouldn’t pick the sushi bar?

9. Is the location safe?

This may go without saying, but it’s an important consideration. Employees who arrive or leave while it’s dark or ride their bike to work have a right to feel safe on and around workplace grounds.

10. Are there competitors nearby?

Sometimes clients choose one business over another based on convenience alone. If you’re currently thriving in an area far from your competitors, try to stay that way! Putting yourself in direct competition isn’t worth being next door to that sushi bar.
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