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3 Ways Renting Space in a Better Building Can Save You Money

The point of an office space is to work for you, not against you. Oftentimes, businesses who rent space find themselves in an inefficient building that affects their bottom line.

The solution? Investing in a better space in a nicer building. Your rent may rise a bit, but the long-term costs are surely worth the move. Here’s how a better building saves you money.

1) Utility Costs

A nicer building owned by a company that invests in its properties tends to have continuous updates and improvements. Better buildings not only have an aesthetically pleasing, open lobby space, for example, they typically have modern, better utility technology too.

Modern HVAC systems, lighting, and water systems are more efficient and result in less waste of resources. Ditching overuse of utilities from old, broken-down systems results in utility cost savings for the building, which are then passed on to tenants.

2) Sustainability

Clean, green, efficient buildings are gaining a marketing advantage for landlords and tenants alike. Especially attractive to millennials and those who identify as health-conscious, environmentally-friendly practices are seeing increased popularity in the workforce. Building managers are taking notice of this as a strong selling point and experiencing positive ROI with guidelines that promote green practices.

Workers who appreciate their space are happier and more productive. Save money over time by attracting and retaining young, bright talent who value sustainability in the workplace.

3) Advanced technology

The benefits of innovation are continuing to permeate through the workplace. Advanced technology, especially those with an emphasis on mobile, are allowing for much more flexibility in everyday tasks. There seems to be a mass shift in businesses willing to adapt to a more flexible work model, leading buildings and office spaces to embrace the same pace.

Features like built-in video conferencing, smart presentation devices and wi-fi/network compatibility in remote locations are becoming more common in the commercial real estate space. Additionally, devices that allow for automation of repetitive tasks in the workplace are on the rise.

These advances in technology serve especially to save time. No more fiddling with buttons and wires before video meetings means more time for productivity. Automating repetitive or mundane tasks like scheduling meetings and responding to customer inquiries also becomes easier in a space where high-speed, fiber optic internet is available.

Similarly, with a better building, your business could save money through lower costs and higher productivity. Think about making the big move from your current office building and start touring Cleveland’s finest workplaces!

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